Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Philippines - Home of E-bourikat

When I was a child, I was taught by my parents to work hard in order to uplift our living conditions. The Philippines is one of many poor or the so-called the third world countries. Hardships is always what we lived for. In our town, for example, families including ours sometimes can't provide 3 meals a day due to poverty. However, there were things which were going from bad to worse by defying the morality, ethical standards and even logic just to survive which I know that it is a fact of life but going into prostitution and other criminalities were not that easy to swallow basing upon what I believed to be something acceptable.

Now, in an age of new technologies wherein a big part of human life can be related to information superhighway has become the center of so many individuals even in the my country has now become also a fact of life. Internet lines, wifi, shops are flourishing everywhere were anyone can be taught on how to use it from the basics to the highly sophisticated applications. One of those things that creates a buzz in the internet world is prostitution. However unlike the old days where prostitutes of all sexes can personally offer their services to their customers, now it becomes an easy to do within the comfort of your own homes while selling and offering something to the rest of the world in just a click of a mouse or a push of one of the keys of your personal computer. Isn't it amazing? YES! But is it really a part of being a hardworker to achieve somthing? Is that really an ethical thing to do? I think it is a big NOT.

In the southern part of the Philippines where most of the population speak "bisaya language" which I also speak in a day to day basis, we call the prostitutes as "borikat". Now with the advent of technologies where the letter "e" becomes a part of so many things like e-book, e-passport, etc. It now comes to my mind to coin the term "e-bourikat" as a new breed of prostitutes. Now, how do I define this term? E-bourikat is just a prostitutes who uses the internet to offer themselves to someone via instant messaging, social websites and the likes. I'm more particular however on those Filipinas (Filipino Ladies), who are using these technologies to find their supposed partner, boyfriend or husbands from the other countries particularly the western ones and the middle east because they are of course well off. Is it really the "LOVE", that they are looking for or just the "MONEY". I think 90% or more of those filipino ladies who are chatting just to find someone is just after the money due to poverty, NOW I call them e-bourikat.